Public and products liability

What is covered?
Claims against you If, as a result of your business, any party brings a claim against you for:
a. bodily injury or property damage occurring during the period of insurance;
b. personal injury or denial of access committed during the period of insurance;
we will indemnify you against the sums you have to pay as compensation.
This includes a claim against any employee or volunteer worker of yours when they are acting
on your behalf in whatever capacity.
This also includes a claim
against you for property damage occurring during the period of
insurance to any item being worked on, maintained, repaired, restored or cleaned by you.
We will also pay defence costs but we will not pay costs for any part of a claim not covered
by this section.
Overseas personal liability We will indemnify you and if you so request, any of your directors, partners or any employee or
spouse of such person against legal liability as a result of bodily injury, property damage or
personal injury incurred in a personal capacity whilst temporarily outside the United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man other than:
a. where indemnity arises out of the ownership or occupation of land or buildings;
b. where indemnity is provided by any other insurance.
Claims against principals If, as a result of your business, any party brings a claim, which falls within the scope of What
is covered, Claims against you, against a customer of your business for whom you are
providing services under contract or agreement and you are liable for that claim, we will treat
such claim as if made against you and make the same payment to such customer that we
would have made to you, provided that the party to be indemnified:
a. has not, in our reasonable opinion, caused or contributed to the claim against them;
b. accepts that we can control the claim’s defence and settlement in accordance with the
terms of this section;
c. has not admitted liability or prejudiced the defence of the claim before we are notified of it;
d. gives us the information and co-operation we reasonably require for dealing with the claim.
Cross liabilities If more than one insured is named in the schedule, we will deal with any claim as though a
separate policy had been issued to each of them provided that our liability in the aggregate
shall not exceed the limit of indemnity shown in the schedule.
Criminal proceedings costs If any governmental, administrative or regulatory body brings any criminal action against you
during the period of insurance for any breach of statute or regulation directly relating to any
actual or potential claim under this section, we will pay the costs incurred with our prior written
consent to defend such an action against you or any employee of yours.
Additional cover
Court attendance
If any person within the definition of you has to attend court as a witness in connection with a
claim against you covered under this section, we will pay you compensation for each day, or
part of a day that their attendance is required by our solicitor.


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