Natural Soap Handmade in Turkey​​​

​All suitable for Vegetarians​, and mostly for Vegans​

No Palm Oil​
No artificial colours or aromas​​
No animal cruelty​
No plastic packaging

100% Natural Ingredients for healthy skin and hair 


    We make natural soap Yes we make natural soap, so why have we not just gone onto make organic soap?I guess it boils down to "rules and regulations" and "cost" really. We sell our soap in Turkey, Europe, the U.S., Canada and just about everywhere else on this planet. The laws vary, and certification costs a lot of money, especially if we want to be able to label our soaps organic everywhere.We set out to make "natural handmade soap" without Palm Oil, chemicals or artificial colourings or aromas. We have succeeded in our quest. We use as many local ingredients

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    We are very happy to be able to produce this special offer for United States residence. Due to the reasonable DHL delivery rates, and high import duty threshold, it is a great time to buy our natural soap from Turkey.We are putting together offers for the UK, the EU and other global locations. so please watch this space or the SPECIALS page. UNITED STATES SPECIAL SOAP BAR OFFER #1 13 BARS OF SOAP INCLUDING DHL DELIVERY. This offer is only available for residence of the U.S. The reason being, the postage and duties for each global offer needs to be considered.

What our customers say

Goats Milk Oatmeal reviewed by Nergiz

I recommend this brand to anyone hoping for quality and perfect customer service! This soap makes me look 5 years younger and I only take it for a few weeks now. I have already received some compliments, because my face looks much more vital and radiant. I will forever buy my soaps from here. I have already tried a lot of them and am always satisfied.​​

Juniper Tar Soap reviewed by Nergiz​

This soap helped us to heal an eczema on my husband’s scalp. Even I just scrub my hair with this soap and realised that I have less hair loss. You have to get used to smell at first, but in the end you are always looking forward to the smell, because you know it will do you good. I absolutely recommend this soap and this brand for everyone who is looking for quality and very good customer service!
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