THREE Bar Soap Selection


Select ANY three bars from our range of nature soap bars and save over 10%.

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NEW – Select three of your favourite bars from the drop-down and save over 10%.

So, you can save money by buying the multibars and gift sets but now you can select which soap, from the whole selection.
Freedom to choose at last.

There are 17 different Olive oil natural soap bars to choose from. The difficulty is, which one are you going to choose?

Aleppo Laurel Olive Castile
Olive Coconut & Raw Honey
Rosemary and Peppermint Shea
Pure & Simple Coconut
Pine Tar
Peppermint Pine Tar
Juniper Tar
Olive Oil Castile
Olive & Raw Honey
Goat Milk Lavender Honey
Menthol Shaving Soap
Unscented Shaving soap
Honey Shaving Soap
Lavender Pine
Goats Milk Oatmeal Honey
Wild Pistacia Oil (Bittim)



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