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Customer Feedback / Reviews – Highlights

We encourage our customers to leave feedback so we can show you what  they think of our soap. We have included some of the not so positive also. Everyone makes mistakes and we do our very best to minimise them. The biggest problem within E-commerce has got to be the postal service. If a package takes longer than the estimated time, this could also be down to customs checks.

Thanks for the Feedback everyone 🙂

Lisa G – May – Ebay
Pure and Simple Soap Bars
Hello – thanks so much yr msg. Just to say the soaps arrived today – new packaging! I absolutely adore them and the ones I bought previously thru Amazon. Sending via Turkey is fine by me – just don’t ever go away!

Sweet Girl – April – Ebay
Pine Tar soap Bar
Harika! Schnelle Lieferung . Alles Super. Immer wieder gerne. Vielen Dank

Sierra M – February –
Pine Tar soap Bar
The quality is amazing. The smell is something different, but the soap cleans awesome.

Lindy S D – December –
Lavender Pine Soap Bar
Cleans gently and effectively. Lathers up nicely for a 100% olive oil soap. Also a relatively hard and long lasting bar. Would recommend this fragrance-free olive soap as a basic, everyday bar for people with sensitive skin and/or fragrance allergies.

Dido – September – Ebay
Laurel & Olive Oil Castile Soap Bar
I just wanted to tell you that after using your soap for the first time in months my skin wasn’t itching and dry after showering, thank you. I will be ordering more but direct from you now and not eBay, thanks again Dido

Sue – June – Amazon
Olive Oil & Goat’s Milk Lavender Honey
I am just writing to say ‘thank you’ for making the most beautiful soap I have ever used in my life.
I have very sensitive skin (psoriasis etc) and haven’t used any soap on my face for at least 30 years!!!
This soap is wonderfully soft, and has left my face feeling clean, fresh, smooth and NOT tight or irritated in any way.
Have just placed another order with you, but just wanted to say what a wonderful product.
Best wishes,
Sue x

Sheila – April – Etsy
Laurel and Olive
Quick delivery to the States. Really nice soap. Creamy, mild and non-irritating.

The Home of Wool – May – Etsy
Pine Tar Bar
I truly love it! My skin is so sensitive and it is very difficult for me to find suitable soap / shower gel. I always buy organic and expensive ones. This soap is the best soap I have ever tried. And it works for my skin. Thank you so much! I will order again, and again …

Honey Olive Bar
Excellent in every way! I highly recommend it! Smells good and makes your skin velvet soft. Excellent for sensitive and very dry skin. Thank you for making these soaps for us!

Rich – April – Caria Shop
I have tried one of the 6 soap bars I received today and may I say a big THANK YOU for your amazing service and most of all what a FANTASTIC bar of soap!! It is so good. So economical. So smooth. I’ll certainly be buying so many more bars of soap from you 🙂 So so soooo good haha.

Paul – March – Ebay
Your soap is brilliant, I am not surprised it is so popular, if you could send me whatever you think would be the best for psoriasis I would be grateful, thanks again for fantastic soap and glad business is good, as I can’t get anything in the UK that’s as good as your products

Lovely quality product, super fast delivery

This soap smells and feels wonderful. I will only use all natural Turkish soap since my last trip there, and now I can buy it on Etsy! Thank you for careful packing and good shipping!

Amazing soap for hair

The soaps are fantastic! Have used plenty hand made soaps in the past and these are the first ones that don’t dry out my skin. My skin and I are delighted and grateful :). Thank you!

The soaps are fantastic! Have used plenty hand made soaps in the past and these are the first ones that don’t dry out my skin. My skin and I are delighted and grateful :). Thank you!

This is the real deal – smells just like extra virgin olive oil. Creamy texture and lather. Transports me to someplace exotic. 🙂
I LOVE your soaps. Thank you so very much for making them available and for the perfect transaction.

Really creamy and smells really good.

Fantastic soap! Have already shaved a few time with it, and I definitely love the really fine fragance 🙂

I have washed my hands with this soap 1 time uptil now my eczema is soothing

Friendly service, good seller, quality soap.

The best soap on the market by far, I suffer from eczema and this soap just sorts it out, its as simple as that, I will never go back to anything else.

This is a lovely all round oil.I’am very pleased with all aspects of this item.

Super!Thanks !!! Very fast shiping and correct seler! The best recommendation !

Nice soap, leaves the skin soft but doesn’t last as long as I thought it would

Nice soap, leave the skin soft even if quite strong smell

Absolutely great product! I will buy more for all my friends and family!

Great Seller, quick delivery. Wonderful Soap. Highly Recommend. Thanks.

Slooooow delivery

Another beautiful soap. I will be returning for more..

smells absolutely rustic and oldy worldy, a must have for the sauna, superb 10/10

Very pleased with shaving soap ordering another !.Good communication 5****

Soap bars came today & they are LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY : ) Thank you!

Excelente producto. Seriedad y rapidez. Muy aconsejable. Excellent Shop.

Issue with postage so didn’t receive item seller refunded immediately thank you

Very nice soap, I’ve ordered before from Greece, but this one is much better.

Back to traditional soaps!No chemicals, no perfume just soap.Love it,thank you.x

Nice creamy soap with a lovely fresh scent. Thank you

IL EST ARRIVE à la date du 08 septembre pile ! donc Bravo et merci de votre accueil !!

La livraison a été plus rapide que prévue et j’ai pu utiliser le produit et je le trouve conforme à la description et efficace sur la peau avec des boutons

10 à 15 jours pour arriver de Turquie, objet tout à fait conforme. Merci


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