Two new soaps from Caria

Eco Trio soap

A new soap product to add to our collection at Caria – EcoTrio

We have been selling our Offcuts for some time at a very reasonable price. We decided to rebatched the soap offcuts ourselves to make a rather raw looking all natural soap bar made from all the soap we make.

The soap is not fully melted down, so the soap chunks set in the soapy mixture making the rough texture. We wanted something a little different, and I think we have achieved that.

As the bars are rebatched, they tend to be a lot harder than standard bars, which should make them even more economical to use. We sell them in patches of three. Why not give them a try?????

New – Juniper Tar Soap bars

juniper tar soap


We have finally produced the Juniper Tar soap bar we have been hoping to make for some time.

Made with our usual combination of high quality oils and butters with the addition of Juniper Tar.

This soap bar has very similar properties to our Pine Tar Soap bar. 
Traditionally, Turkish Juniper Tar soap is combined with just Olive Oil. We have added Coconut, Castor, Sunflower Oils to Cocoa Butter to make a  more luxurious soap bar.

The Juniper Tar is extracted using a closed kiln as required by health regulations, making the oil essentially creosote free. A great alternative to Pine Tar and Coal Tar Soap.

Juniper Tar soap dry skin eczema psoriosis

Extracts of the leaves, raisin and fruit of the Juniperus oxycedrus have been widely employed in human and veterinary dermatology to treat chronic eczema and other skin diseases. Its antiseptic and anti-parasitic properties are universally known and attributed to phenols.

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