Soap now in Kraft paper bags



Each and everyone of us should be thinking about how we can help reduce our environmental impact on our planet. We use resources to produce our soap, but we need to be as responsible as possible in the process. Thinking how sustainable our product can be.

Soap now in Kraft paper bags

As it is, our products are all made from natural ingredients, but we need to package the soap bars. We have been using printed cardboard boxes, but we felt we could do more to improve. Boxes are recyclable, and biodegradable, but they are quite heavy, and thick.

Soap now in Kraft paper bags

We have chosen a light, food grade Kraft paper bag this time. Kraft paper bags are one of the most popular, environmentally friendly packaging solutions around the globe. Using sustainable and biodegradable packaging is a big step in the right direction and one that all businesses should be using.

What is Kraft Paper?

Kraft manufacturing is said to be a zero-waste process with minimum environmental impact. Cellulose fibres are extracted from wood to create a highly durable paper; all by-products of the process are recycled and regenerated, or used as an energy source.

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