Palm Oil and why we do not use it


Palm Oil has hit headlines again this week, so time for a Palm Oil reminder.

Sustainable Palm Oil? Probably not!

an article by Greenpeace: Find it here

Earlier this week, we released our latest research on the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, the certification system touted as the responsible option for the commodity that has been shown to be linked to deforestation, endangered wildlife deaths and massive greenhouse gas emissions. But does the RSPO actually produce sustainable palm oil?

Many consumer companies think they are buying sustainable palm oil when they buy from the RSPO, but as we have show, the RSPO is actually certifying forest destruction. This means that the international household brands, that we all use and love, that are solely relying on the RSPO, are still at risk that the palm oil they use is tainted with deforestation. Greenpeace is asking companies like Proctor & Gamble, Colgate-Palmoilve, Pepsi Co and Johnson & Johnson, to do more to truly guarantee that the palm oil in their products is not contributing to deforestation, habitat loss for endangered wildlife and climate change.
Greenpeace full report here

Why ban this advert?

BBC Newsround story

A Christmas advert highlighting the impact of palm oil production on the environment is not going to be shown on TV after it was described as being “too political”.

UK supermarket Iceland wanted to use an animation that had been made by environmental organisation Greenpeace, which tells the story of an orangutan whose home is being destroyed by palm oil producers.

But a group which makes decisions about which adverts are and aren’t allowed in the UK – Clearcast – did not approve it.

Iceland managing director Richard Walker said he was “absolutely gutted”.

Earlier this year, the UK supermarket announced that it will stop using palm oil in its own branded products by the end of this year, saying it hopes that could help protect the environment.

It is the first major UK supermarket to ban using the oil.

The frozen food shop said it was made aware of the environmental issues of using palm oil by campaigners from Greenpeace, which works to protect the natural world and originally made the animation that Iceland hoped to use.

Please save my home 

Stop Palm Oil Causing Deforestation

Link to Iceland’s website about the use of palm oil.

Palm oil has many benefits, chiefly that its yields are better than the alternatives. But it is grown almost exclusively in areas of tropical rain forest, which are the ‘crown jewels’ of our planet’s biodiversity. With 146 football pitches of rain forest being lost every hour in Indonesia alone, the urgency of the crisis cannot be overstated. And global demand is set to double by 2050.
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