My Made in Turkey Box featuring Caria Soap


This month, My Made in Turkey Box features our very own Bittim Soap together with other authentic Turkish products. 

About Mymadeinbox

Every two month, we select a country we want to explore in search of unique pieces you will adore receiving. Once landed in the country, we head off to local markets to find inspiration, get to know more about the local craftsmanship & meet up with independent makers. It is a real immersion within the country & its authenticity. We then source the makers we would like to work with to share their amazing experiences with you.


Choose the most adapted subscription plan. From £35/ every two months, I received exclusive items from around the world valued between £70 to £100


The door bell rings, I run and get my box ( & thanks the postman, of course!)


Get a real immersion from the country while discovering your 5 authentic handmade creations 

My Made in Box recognise the importance of buying locally made products to support the independent craftsmen and women around the world. These individual creations reflect the personal art within their countries. With simple curiosity to discover new designs, textiles & materials used for each piece, they love sourcing, supporting creators and sharing with their customers unique items carefully handcrafted.

If you are interested in My Made in Box, follow the links in the post to contact Julie.

Bittim Soap in our shop

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