Is your soap suitable for vegans or vegetarians?


If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you will have already mastered the art of checking all the ingredients on absolutely everything. When profit is more important than content then we all need to be wary.

your average bar of soap

So, how can soap not be suitable for vegans or vegetarians? Well, there are at least a few ingredients that you need to be wary off. The most common is sodium tallowate. This is animal fat that has been saponafide to make soap. Those of you that use Halal products also need to be aware that pig fat may be included, so you have been warned.

Sodium Palmate is saponifide Palm oil. I wrote a separate post on this a while back. The oil is obviously vegetable based but the Palm oil trade is steeped in controversy. Huge areas of forest are being destroyed to make way for Palm tree plantations. The Orangutan is already an endangered animal and the Palm oil industry seem to be doing their best to finish them off. The destruction of natural habitat and other wildlife makes me sick. We do not use Palm oil in our soap. 

natural soap suitable for vegans and vegetarians

All of our soaps are suitable for vegetarians, and most are also fine for vegans. The ingredients that are vegan sensitive are honey and goat’s milk which we use in a number of our soaps.



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