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Worldwide delivery 3 – 5 days

DHL Express

We have been using PTT Post which also incorporates Turpex. The delivery rates vary from 7 days to 16 days for Europe and up to 30 days for the rest of the world. Not really good enough is it. The other problem is the tracking system is hopeless, with no control over the delivery.

ENTER DHL EXPRESS – Here to save the day.

We have been able to deliver orders to the UK and Europe within 3 days. On occasion this has extended to 5 days due to various reasons. The United States and Canada has been about 5 to 7 days. I think you will agree this is a marked improvement.
We ship the same day of the order if it’s made before noon (excluding Sundays).

There’s more…..

It is all very well getting a tracking number, but when you cannot find out when your order will be delivered, where your order is, or arrange alternative delivery arrangements, what good is it.

Not only do DHL keep you informed every step of the way by SMS (text) or email, you can even add extra contact numbers or emails addresses to the delivery system. See the image below. You can organise an alternative delivery address, ask DHL to leave your order I a safe place, or with a neighbour, change the delivery date and more…

The cost?

Considering the peace of mind and the speed, the price is very reasonable for an international door to door delivery service. For £9.95 for all of Europe for up to a 2kg package (that’s about 15 bars of soap) to anywhere in Europe. The U.S. and Canada is £14.95, Asia £15.95 and countries in the South Pacific regions £19.95.

So you could order your soap on Sunday night, DHL pick it up on Monday, and you get it on Wednesday/Thursday. But say they missed you because you popped out to get some milk. Well, you can organise a delivery for the next day. Maybe you are not available to take the delivery because you work every day. You can organise that they delivery it to your place of work, leave it with a neighbour or in the porch (or other safe place). Total control, and less chance of disappointment.

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