Even more reason not to use Palm Oil


I find myself writing about Palm Oil again as the economical oil hits the news again. My previous post was Palm Oil and why we do not use it. It seems that while many of this Earth’s inhabitants want to save our planet, just as many are willing to burn it, for the sake of money. Yes we all have to make a living, but destroying our planet in the process seems rather extreme. Cutting your nose off to spite your face comes to mind.

My view is simple. We did do not use Palm Oil in our soap, and we do not use it at home for anything else. Just as I do not eat meat, I do not want to contribute to deforestation and the destruction of our planet. No newspaper or government will convince me otherwise.

Even more reason not to use Palm Oil

Meanwhile, not only are the ancient forests of Brazil and other South American countries burning, it would appear that Indonesian and Malaysian have people who would rather burn the forest rather than work in them.

It is estimated numbers of orangutans have fallen by 150,000 across Indonesia since 2002. All for the sake of Palm Oil.

Here are a few newspaper articles about the fires burning in Indonesia. A country that says it is committed to sustainable farming. I am sure it is, once they have burnt all the forests first.
The Independent
The Guardian

Part (most) of the blame for the haze lies with big corporations and small-scale farmers, which take advantage of the dry conditions to clear vegetation for palm oil, pulp and paper plantations using the slash-and-burn method.
This slash-and-burn technique employed by many in the region is arguably the easiest way for farmers to clear their land and helps them get rid of any disease that may have affected their crops.
However, these fires often spin out of control and spread into protected forested areas.
Slash-and-burn is illegal in Indonesia but has been allowed to continue for years, with some saying corruption and weak governance have contributed to the situation.

So, will you be using products with Palm oil?

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